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10 Hands-on Tips That Can Help You Avoid Traffic Tickets


While driving, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal to accelerate a bit more than what the signboards permit. But once caught in the patrolling trap, it’s often difficult and rare to avoid traffic tickets.

We all have violated these minor traffic rules at some point in our lives or have known somebody who’s paid a heavy price for the same, but we resist giving in. Believe it or not, these speed limits, traffic signs and traffic police have all been set up for our safety and should be adhered to as much as possible.

However, sometimes it’s hard to carry on at a pace that the traffic sign suggest, especially when the roads are empty, and we feel confident enough to take care of our own safety. That’s when the adrenaline kicks in and we speed up, only to get pulled over by a cop.

In such a situation, there’s no backing out even if you try being polite and respectful. Nevertheless, there are a lot of ways to avoid such a situation. Here, we have discussed 10 practical tips that can actually work to avoid traffic tickets.

Tip 1: Follow The Traffic Rules As Much As You Can

The best way to avoid a ticket is to avoid traffic tickets and violation of rules in the first place. The traffic rules have been set to ensure road safety and should be followed closely as much as possible. When not required, try not to over-speed. Also, do your own research while driving away from home; different cities within the same state have different speed limits and ignorance won’t work as an excuse against traffic tickets.

Tip 2: When Over-Speeding, Practice Defensive Driving to avoid traffic tickets

When the roads are clear, safety seems to be intact and everything else seems alright, practice defensive driving. Especially when going over the speed limit, defensive driving can save you and others a lot of trouble. You’re least likely to fall in danger or draw unwanted attention from police.

Tip 3: Scan The Roads For Potential Traps

Keep your eyes open, your senses alert and scan the roads for potential ambushes. Police everywhere is way smarter now, don’t just look out for the obvious police cars and stay watchful for other SUVs and sports cars parked along the roads or hiding behind buildings. Also, pay close attention to cars with a lot of antennas; they’re more likely to be cruisers.

Tip 4: Get A Radar or Laser Detector

If you’re someone who loves speeding, this is device you need to own. A laser/radar detector will inform you if there are police ahead. However, it’s prohibited to have a detector installed in your vehicle, in many parts of the United States, so make sure to check your local traffic laws. Also, if you were to get pulled over, the police officer more than likely will not be considerate after seeing a detector installed. Try and avoid being a speed demon and avoid over-speeding as much as possible in order to avoid traffic tickets.

Tip 5: Watch Your Speed Especially At These Places

Police knows exactly where to find the speeding motorists. Watch your speed especially at hiding spots like blind curves, exit ramps, stretches of road undergoing work, stands of trees, or places where the speed limit suddenly decreases. When you see a speed reduction sign, make sure to slow down to the reduced limit before reaching the sign. In most cases, it’s a potential trap.

Tip 6: Beware Of The Police’s Lens

More areas are taking on photo radar, a system, which inevitably photographs the vehicle, which the radar defines as speeding. It automatically captures the license plate and driver’s face and you’re sure to receive a ticket. To avoid being caught up in the police’s lens, beware of these systems that are often mounted inside a vehicle which will then be parked along the road, or they can be found permanently fitted at trouble spots, such as junctions that witness a lot of accidents.

Not just speeding vehicles, cameras are also used to track down vehicles that run red lights or run in the carpool area without any passengers. So if you travel the same route frequently, look hard enough; spot them and watch out every time you cross. Another tip to avoid traffic tickets is to find the site of permanently installed cameras in the areas that you frequently travel. You can spot them via local government websites or Internet search.

Tip 7: Avoid The Fast Lane Unless You’re Passing

Drivers in the left-most lane on U.S. multi-lane highways- the fast lane, are far more likely to be ticketed. It’s because of the psychological element. You’re not required to actually drive fast to get pulled over, because you appear to be going faster as you’re driving in the “fast lane”. Additionally, many laws state that you’re required to drive in the right lane unless you are passing, so you can legally be ticketed for cruising in the fast lane.

Tip 8: Pay Attention To Other Motorists, Especially Truckers

If you see a car that just blew by you with its brake lights up, watch your speed immediately. There may be a speed trap waiting next for you, or a radar detector may be warning the speeding driver. Sometimes, truckers down the road use CB radio to alert the ones behind them and motorists coming from the opposite direction flash their lights to warn you about a trap.

Tip 9: Avoid Opening Up About Your Mistake

Never open about your mistake yourself! Say nothing or rather act ignorant when the officer asks you if you know the reason why you were pulled over. Anything you admit to can be used against you in court later if you fight the ticket.

Tip 10: Be Polite And Respectful

When you get pulled over, you still have a chance to get away with a warning. When the officer comes to your window, instead of referring to him as a cop, greet him or her with courteous words, like “Good evening, officer.” You will appear respectable and sensible person who made a small error, and you might get away with a warning.

These tips to avoid traffic tickets are very practical and can prevent you from being charged with violation of rules, which can be a hindrance to your insurance premiums. With a little alertness and precautions, you too can dodge the tickets and cruise with ease.


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